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JARN Newsletter Vol. 349

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Date: Oct 28, 2016, Volume 349
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1. Spreading Reach of ICT, Data Centers, and Air Conditioning:
ICT has become entrenched in a wide range of scenarios and is now ubiquitous in advanced countries, thanks partly to ongoing upgrades in ICT infrastructure.  But ICT usage is not solely a phenomenon of advanced countries. On the contrary, it is a global-scale phenomenon. For example, mobile phone networks have spread in Africa ahead of other infrastructure like electricity and water utilities, and this is bringing revolutionary changes to both private lives and industry.

2. Fujitsu General and Rheem Announce Strategic Collaboration:
Fujitsu General and Rheem expect to begin introducing new products in early 2017. The companies plan to showcase some of these products at the 2017 AHR Expo, which will take place January 30 through February 1, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in the United States.

3. SWEP Celebrates Manufacturing Anniversaries around the Globe:
During 2016, SWEP got to recognize manufacturing achievements all around the world with three factories having anniversaries this year. SWEP Slovakia celebrated 10 years while SWEP Malaysia marked its 15 year anniversary. SWEP North America was able to enjoy recognition for having made it to the 20 year milestone. Each location marked the occasion by having events for employees and their families to celebrate their success.

4. Indonesia Hosts Two Expos: Refrigeration & HVAC and IISM:
Refrigeration & HVAC Indonesia 2016 was held from September 28 to 29 at Jakarta International Expo. It  opened as the largest refrigeration and climate control exhibition in Indonesia, focusing on three combined sectors - HVAC&R Technology, Power and Renewable Energy, as well as Food Cold Chain Technology. In addition to Refrigeration & HVAC Indonesia, the International Indonesia Seafood & Meat (IISM) 2016 was held simultaneously.

5. Twin Rotary Compressors Gain Firm Foothold in Scroll Compressor Market, China:
Over the past two years, twin rotary compressors have enjoyed rapid growth, especially in the 3-7 hp cooling capacity category. In mid-2016, the market share of twin rotary compressors rose to 40% and rotary compressors are being increasingly applied in the light commercial field.

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