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Date: Oct 19th, 2018, Volume 451

1. Global Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Market by Region
In terms of regions, North America is the largest market in the world with a market value of US$ 13.4 billion, followed by Asia with US$ 10.6 billion, which grew into the second largest market, overtaking Europe. In Europe, the market was worth US$ 9.7 billion and other markets were worth US$ 7.6 billion. More...

2. Refrigerated Display Cases

Refrigerated display cases account for the largest portion of commercial applications. The United States is the largest market in the world, followed by Europe and China. JARN estimates that in 2017, the refrigerated display case market reached 821,000 units in the United States, 755,000 units in Europe, and 385,000 units in China. In rapidly growing countries such as those in Southeast Asia, changes in the lifestyles of the younger generation and growing trends toward nuclear families are bringing about changes in eating habits. More...

3. Ice Machines

Commercial ice machines are used for food processing and in the catering trade. As for all other refrigeration equipment, demand for commercial ice machines tends to be affected by the number of newly opened or renovated premises such as restaurants, fast food restaurants, and convenience stores. According to JARN’s estimate, the market size of commercial ice machines in 2017 reached 220,000 units in the United States, 202,000 units in Europe. The Chinese market increased by 10% to 227,000 units in 2017. More...

4. EUROPE Refrigeration Equipment Market
JARN estimates that the European cold chain market in 2017 grew by about 4.7% in terms of the average value of all regions. By product type, transport refrigeration plus refrigerators and freezers account for about 35% of the total refrigeration equipment market. On a per-application basis, food service and retailing businesses account for about 50% of the total. More...

5. JCI Reinforces Its Chiller Portfolio with Absorption Technology
JARN interviewed Rajesh Dixit, a chemical engineer with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and 27 years of industry experience. He is director of Global Product Management for the chiller solutions line of business at Johnson Controls in York, Pennsylvania, the United States. He talked about Johnson Controls’ chiller business focusing on thermally driven chillers and heat pump products. More...

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