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Date: September 8, 2014, Volume 237

Yanmar GHPs Breathe New Life into Australian AC Market:
During ARBS 2014 in Australia, Yanmar Energy System announced the appointment of its local exclusive distributor. JARN attended the press conference and interviewed Yosuke Tajima, chief manager, Overseas Marketing and Sales Department, Yanmar Energy System, and Harvey Hicks, general manager, GasAircon Australia, to find out more about the company's business strategy in Australia.

1. Heat Recovery Industry in Germany:
Heat recovery was a built-in feature in around 23,000 new ventilation and air conditioning systems installed in Germany in 2013, saving an estimated 1,900 GWh of thermal energy for an input of 103 GWh of electricity used to drive the equipment. Looked at as a form of heat pump, this is an energy efficiency ratio of 18.3.
An analysis of developments since 2006 shows a steady increase in the use of heat recovery systems in AHUs from 32% to 79% in 2013 - although the number of AHUs being produced has fallen from 32,000 units in 2006 to 23,000 units in 2013.

2. ICR2015 to Take Place in Yokohama, Japan:
Sponsored by the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR), ICR2015, the largest conference in the refrigeration field, will be held in Yokohama, Japan, in August 2015. Those involved in the refrigeration field will gather at the ICR and exchange information on approximately 100 topics concerning the latest technologies and global environmental policies.

3. EPA Proposes to Change Status of Certain HFCs:
On July 10, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed to change the status of certain HFCs that were previously listed as acceptable under the Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) Program. This action primarily recognizes President Obama's Climate Action Plan announced in June 2013 that called on EPA to use its authority under SNAP to encourage private sector investment in low-emissions technology.

4. Torad Spool Compressor Ready to Change the Industry:
According to Orosz, Torad's chief operating officer,"The performance characteristics, low cost structure, and low manufacturing capital requirements make the Spool compressor a winning platform for refrigerant compression across a broad range of applications and capacities." Greg Kemp, Torad's chief executive officer said, "Empirical data and numeric modeling indicate the Spool compressor will have a significant market advantage over the scroll's mid-to-high capacity range and over the screw's low capacity range."

5. Emerson and Ruking to Set Up Inverter JV:
Emerson Climate Technologies announced on July 1 to set up a joint venture with Shanghai Ruking Electronic Science & Technology. The new company, named Ruking Emerson Climate Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., will focus on the R&D and sales of inverters and controllers as well as providing solutions to the global HVAC markets. The joint venture will integrate with Emerson's global leading technology and regional market support.

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