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Date: February 28, 2014 Volume 210

Indonesia (World Chiller and Large AC Market, Regional Report)
The chiller market in 2012 was worth US$ 106.6 million, a slight increase of 0.7% compared with US$ 105.9 million in 2011. The 2012 market for the three segments of reciprocating, screw, and scroll chillers came to US$ 57.7 million, while the centrifugal chiller segment recorded US$ 40.8 million. With a size of US$ 8.1 million, Indonesia is the main absorption chiller market (over 350 kW) among the ASEAN-5.

1. New F-gas Regulation -- Unfavorable Future for HFCs? -The End of HFCs?-
As expected, the use of HFCs with a GWP of more than 2,500 will be banned in hermetic stand-alone refrigeration equipment from 2020, and by 2022 the equipment will be restricted to gases with a GWP below 150. In addition, the muchcriticized service ban on HFCs with a GWP of more than 2,500 has gone through. The ban will start in 2020, but there will likely be an allowance for use of recycled and reclaimed refrigerant until 2030.

2. New Year's Resolutions from Global Association Leaders -HRAI (Heating, Refrigeration and air Conditioning Institute of Canada)
HRAI sees the HVAC&R market continuing to grow at a moderate yet steady rate in both the residential and commercial sectors over the next 12 months. Shipments in most product segments have trended upwards in 2013 and this upward trend should continue in 2014.

3. R22 Problem ( European Press Review)
By January 2015 any R22 system still running in Europe will be impossible to service if it breaks down because it will be illegal to recharge it with the same refrigerant. In theory there will be no source of R22 in any form -- new, recycled or reclaimed. But in reality many operators are known to have been stockpiling the gas by decanting it into unmarked cylinders and returning the original empty R22 cylinder to the supplier in the normal way.

4. Huge Growth of Refrigeration for the Dairy Industry Forecast (News from India)
Even though India is already the largest producer of milk in the world, the existing capacity is not adequate to meet the current demand. Household affluence in villages and small towns is leading to greater preference for protein-rich foods including milk, milk-products, eggs, fish and meat and the rate of growth of demand is outmatching the rate of growth of production which in turn is reflected in a rise in prices.

5. China's Inverter Controller Market Increases 30% (News from China)
During the past several years, China's inverter controller market has expanded annually by around 30%, leading the growth of the electrical industry. It is estimated that China's inverter controller market will keep growing by over 25% annually at least in the next 10 years. According to industry experts, the installation capacity of inverter controllers actually increases at around 20% annually in China. With this growth rate, the Chinese market will enjoy at least 15 years of high growth before maturity.

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