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International Journal of Refrigeration

De nieuwste International Journal of Refrigeration van de IIR is aanwezig op het KNVvK secretariaat. Heeft u belangstelling voor een artikel kunt u op het KNVvK secretariaat inzage krijgen. Inhoudsopgave Volume 80 issue augustus 2017

  • IIR editorial – Didier Coulomb, p. V - Editorial
  • Review of vapour compression heat pumps for high temperature heating using natural working fluids – Opeyemi Bamigbetan, Trygve M. Eikevik, Petter Neksá, Michael Bantie, p. 197 - Review
  • Thermo-physical properties of Al2O2-SiO2/PAG composite nanolubricant for refrigeration system – N.N.M. Zawawi, W.H. Azmi, A.A.M. Redhwan, M.Z. Sharif, K.V. Sharma, p. 1 - Research Articles
  • R-407H as drop-in of R-404A. Experimental analysis in a low temperature direct expansion commercial refrigeration system – Rodrigo Llopis, Daniel Sánchez, Ramón Cabello, Laura Nebot-Andrés, Jesús Catalán-Gil, p. 11
  • Performance analysis of vapor injection heat pump system for electric vehicle in cold startup condition – Young Uk Choi, Mo Se Kim, Gwi Taek Kim, Minsung Kim, Min Soo Kim, p. 24
  • A detailed study on simultaneous heat and mass transfer in an in-tube vertical falling film absorber – Mehdi Aminyavari, Marcello Aprile, Tommaso Toppi, Silvia Garone, Mario Motta, p. 37
  • Refrigerant performance evaluation including effects of transport properties and optimized heat exchangers – Riccardo Brignoli, J. Steven Brown, Harrison M. Skye, Piotr A. Domanski, p. 52
  • Numerical modelling of an innovative microwave assisted freezing process – Mathieu Sadot, Sébastien Curet, Olivier Rouaud, Alain Le-Bail, Michel Havet, p. 66
  • Performance comparison of single-stage mixed-refrigerant Joule-Thomson cycle and pure-gas reverse Brayton cycle at fixed-temperatures from 80 to 180 K. – H.C. Wang, G.F. Chen, X.Q. Dong, Y.X. Zhao, H. Guo, M.Q. Gong, p. 77
  • Parameter effect analysis for a Stirling cryocooler – Ruijie Li, Lavinia Grosu, p. 92
  • Augmented desalination with cooling integration – C. Chiranjeevi, T. Srinivas, p. 106
  • Mathematical modeling for heat conduction in stone fruits – F.J. Cuesta, M.D. Alvarez, p. 120
  • Performance investigation of desiccant liquid air membrane energy exchanger: Air and lithium chloride effects – S. Sabek, K. Ben Nasr, F. Tiss, R. Chouikh, A. Guizani, p. 145
  • Experimental investigation on ejector performance near critical back pressure – Lei Wang, Chen Wang, Wenxiu Hou, Hongxia Zhao, Hailun Zhang, p. 158
  • A novel approach for operational optimization of multi-stage refrigeration cycles in gas refineries – Hossein Kalantar-Neyestanaki, Mostafa Mafi, Ali Ashrafizadeh, p. 169
  • Energetic and economic analysis of trans-critical CO2 booster system for refrigeration in warm climatic condition – Nilesh Purohit, Dileep Kumar Gupta, Mani Sankar Dasgupta, p. 182
  • A comparison of static and dynamic fault detection techniques for transcritical refrigeration – Alex Janecke, Trevor J. Terrill, Bryan P. Rasmussen, p. 212
  • Robust predictive models for estimating frost deposition on horizontal and parallel surfaces – Alireza Zendehboudi, Xianting Li, p. 225
  • Novel compact bed design for adsorption cooling systems: Parametric numerical study – Ramy H. Mohammed, Osama Mesalhy, Mohamed L. Elsayed, Louis C. Chow, p. 238
  • Quantification of flow and retention of oil in compressor discharge pipe – Jiu Xu, Pega Hrnjak, p. 252
  • Experimental analysis of the performance of a medium temperature solar cooling plant – Andrea Rossetti, Emanuele Pari, Gianluca Alimonti, p. 264
  • Cooling mechanism of a solar assisted air conditioner: An investigation based on pressure-enthalpy chart – Abdenour Bouraba, Mohamed Saighi, Hind Saidani-Scott, Abderrahmane Hamidat, p. 274


berichtdatum: 29-08-2017

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