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International Journal of Refrigeration

De nieuwste International Journal of Refrigeration van de IIR is aanwezig op het KNVvK secretariaat. Heeft u belangstelling voor een artikel kunt u op het KNVvK secretariaat inzage krijgen. Inhoudsopgave Volume 78 issue juni 2017

  • Whole-body cryotherapy: For a better scientific approach – Editorial, p. V
  • Review of nature-inspired heat exchanger technology – Zhiwei Huang, Yunho Hwang, Reinhard Radermacher – Review, p. 1
  • Evaluation of optimal subcooling in subcritical heat pump systems – Miquel Pitarch, Estefania Hervas-Blasco, Emilio Navarro-Peris, José Gonzálvez-Maciá, José M. Corberán – Research Articles, p. 18
  • Comprehensive correlation for dispersed flow film boiling heat transfer in mini/macro tubes – Mirza M. Shah, p. 32
  • A correlation for heat transfer during boiling on bundies of horizontal plain and enhanced tubes – Mirza M. Shah, p. 47
  • Improvement of condenser performance by phase separation confirmed experimentally and by modeling – Jun Li, Peqa Hrnjak, p. 60
  • Shell side plain tube bundle performance of a multi-pass direct expansion evaporation of ammonia at various degrees of exit superheat – Ahmad Abbas, Zahid H. Ayub, Adnan H. Ayub, Tariq S. Khan, Javed A. Chattha, p. 70
  • Asymmetric distribution of falling film solution flowing on hydrophilic horizontal round tube – Ge Ji, Jiafeng Wu, Yaping Chen, Guangju Ji, p. 83
  • Investigation of ejector-equipped Joule-Thomson refrigerator operating below 77K - Jisung Lee, Cheonkyu Lee, Seungwhan Baek, Sangkwon Jeong, p. 93
  • CO2 heat pump for waste heat recovery and utilization in dairy industry with ammonia based refrigeration – Simarpreet Singh, M.S. Dasgupta, p. 108
  • Investigation on adhesion force of TBAB hydrate to cooling copper surface – Koji Matsumoto, Masashi Murase, Kohei Ehara, Junki Sakamoto, Jun Ueda, p. 121
  • A new method for online measurement of the concentration of working f1uids in absorption refrigeration systems – Jingkai Jiang, Guogeng He, Yilin Liu, Keqiao Li, Dehua Cai, p. 128
  • Thermally developing flow of Al2O3-water nanofluid through regular N-sided polygonal ducts: A semi-analytic weighted residuals approach – A. Arefmanesh, A.A. Abbasian Arani, A. Niroumand, p. 136
  • Refrigerant leakage detection in an EEV installed residential air conditioner with limited sensor installations – Jin Woo Yoo, Sung Bin Hong, Min Soo Kim, 157
  • Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system approach to predict the mass flow rate of R-134a/LPG refrigerant for straight and helical coiled adiabatic capillary tubes in the vapor compression refrigeration system - Jatinder Gill, Jagdev Singh, p. 166
  • Energy and exergy investigation of ejector refrigeration systems using retrograde refrigerants – Mohamed H. Eldakamawy, Mikhail V. Sorin, Martin Brouillette, p. 176
  • Experimental investigation on flow condensation of methane in a horizontal smooth tube – X.R. Zhuang, G.F. Chen, X. Zou, Q.L. Song, M.Q. Gong, p. 193
  • Corrigendum to ,,Optimization of layered regenerator of a magnetic refrigeration device” (JIJR 57C (2015) 103-111) – Behzad Monfared, Björn Palm – Corrigendum, p. 215

berichtdatum: 08-06-2017

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