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International Journal of Refrigeration

De nieuwste International Journal of Refrigeration van de IIR is aanwezig op het KNVvK secretariaat. Heeft u belangstelling voor een artikel kunt u op het KNVvK secretariaat inzage krijgen. Inhoudsopgave Volume 83 issue november 2017

  • Editorial, p. V.
  • Refrigerants used in the Portuguese food industry: Current status – Bruno J. Cardoso, Francisco B. Lamas, Adélio R. Gaspar, José B. Ribeiro – Review, p. 60
  • Parametric analysis of domestic refrigerators using PCM heat exchanger – S. Bakhshipour, M.S. Valipour, Y Pahamli – Research Articles, p. 1
  • Development of evaporation pressure-capacity control strategy for aircraft vapor cycle system – Tao Wen, Hongbo Zhan, Dalin Zhang, Lin Lu, p. 14
  • Experimental results and design procedures for minichannel condensers and evaporators using propylene – Davide Del Col, Marco Azzolin, Stefano Bortolin, Arianna Berto, p. 23
  • Modeling of an ammonia-water absorption heat pump water heater for residential applications – Christopher M. Keinath, Srinivas Garimella, Michael A. Garrabrant, p. 39
  • Experimental investigation on properties of composite sorbents for three-phase sorption-water working pairs – J.Y. Liu, J.Y. Wang, L.W. Wang, R.Z. Wang, p. 51
  • Modeling and performance study of a water-injected twin-screw water vapor compressor – Yafen Tian, Jiubing Shen, Chuang Wang, Ziwen Xing, Xiaolin Wang, p. 75
  • Experimental investigation on performance of desiccant coated heat exchanger and sensible heat exchanger operating in series – T.S. Ge, W. Cao, X. Pan, Y.J. Dai, R.Z. Wang, p. 88
  • Analysis of lubricity and cavitation problem of oil and refrigerant mixture for hermetic compressors – Vytautas Dagilis, Liutauras Vaitkus, p. 99
  • Experimental performance of an R-22-based refrigeration system for use with R-1270, R-438A, R-404A and R-134a – Victor H. Panato, Matheus P. Porto, Enio P. Bandarra Filho, p. 108
  • A ReaxFF-based molecular dynamics study of the pyrolysis mechanism of HFO-1336mzz(Z) – Erguang Huo, Chao Liu, Xiaoxiao Xu, Chaobin Dang, p. 118
  • A research on the dryout characteristics of CO2 ‘S flow boiling heat transfer process in mini-channels – Linlin Jiang, Jianhua Liu, Liang Zhang, Xiaojin Xu, p. 131
  • Thermal and exergoeconomic analysis of a novel solar driven combined power and ejector refrigeration (CPER) system – Amin Ahmadzadeh, Mahmmad Reza Salimpour, Ahmad Sedaghat, p. 143
  • Viscosity measurements of R32 and R410A to 350MPa – Scatt Bair, Arna Laesecke, p. 157


berichtdatum: 01-11-2017

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