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International Journal of Refrigeration

De nieuwste International Journal of Refrigeration van de IIR is aanwezig op het KNVvK secretariaat. Heeft u belangstelling voor een artikel kunt u op het KNVvK secretariaat inzage krijgen. Inhoudsopgave Volume 69 issue september 2016

  • Over 100,000 documents in Fridoc! – Editorial, p. IV
  • Multi-temperature heat pumps: A literature review – Cordin Arpagaus, Frédéric Bless, Jürg Schiffmann, Stefan S. Bertsch – Review, p. 437
  • Combined effects of fluid selection and flow condensation on ejector operation in an ejector-based chiller – Adrienne B. Little, Srinivas Garimella, John P. DiPrete – Research Articles, p. 1
  • Statistical optimization of hydrate formation conditions of TBAB and THF mixture as a cold storage material for air-conditioning system based on response surface methodology – Badri Mahmoudi, Parisa Naeiji, Farshad Varaminian, Mohsen Mehdipour Ghazi, p. 17
  • Transient cycle simulation of domestic appliances and experimental validation – Martin Heimel, Erwin Berger, Stefan Posch, Axel Stupnik, Johann Hopfgartner, Raimund Almbauer, p. 28
  • Development and performance analysis of a multi-temperature combined compression/ejection refrigeration cycle using environment friendly refrigerants – F. Lontsi, O. Hamandjoda, O.T. Sosso Mayi, A. Kemajou, p. 42
  • Experimental investigation of solar driven desiccant air conditioning system based on silica gel coated heat exchanger – Amit Kumar, Avadhesh Yadav, p. 51
  • Hybrid liquid desiccant air-conditioning systems: A conceptual study with respect to energy saving potentials – Lisa Mucke, Daniel Fleig, Klaus Vajen, Ulrike Jordan, p. 64
  • Investigation of flow and acoustic performances of suction mufflers in hermetic reciprocating compressor – Sanghyeon Kim, Cheolung Cheong, Jaeseong Park, Haeseung Kim, Hyojae Lee, p. 74
  • Heat transfer performance variations of condensers due to non-uniform air velocity distributions – Won-Jong Lee, Ji Hwan Jeong, p. 85
  • Minimizing data collection for field calibration of steady-state virtual sensors for HVAC equipment – Howard Cheung, James E. Braun, p. 96
  • Experimental study on the CO2 flow characteristics through electronic expansion valves in heat pump – Changhai Liu, Yu Hou, Juanli Ma, Xiufang Liu, Liang Chen, p. 106
  • A comprehensive modeling of choked two-phase flow through short-tube orifices with application to alternative refrigerants HFO-1234yf and HFO-1234ze – Puya Javidmand, Klaus A. Hoffmann, p. 114
  • Pinch point analysis and design considerations of CO2 gas cooler for heat pump water heaters – Yun-Guang Chen, p. 136
  • Numerical study on thermal hydraulic performance of water cooled mini-channel heat sinks – Muhammad Saeed, Man-Hoe Kim, p. 147
  • Flow boiling of R32 inside a brazed plate heat exchanger – Marco Rossato, Davide Del Col, Angelo Muzzolon, Luisa Rossetto, p. 165
  • Heat transfer enhancement of ammonia pool boiling with an integral-fin tube – José Fernández-Seara, Angel A. Pardiñas, Rubén Diz, p. 175
  • Modeling and multi-objective optimization of an M-cycle crossflow indirect evaporative cooler using the GMDH type neural network – Ali Sohani, Hoseyn Sayyaadi, Sina Hoseinpoori, p. 186
  • Modeling transport phenomena of ice slurry in an ice forming unit - Ankit Mahato, Arvind Kumar, p. 205
  • A micromachined Joule- Thomson cryogenic cooler with parallel two-stage expansion – H.S. Cao, S. Vanapalli, H.J. Holland, C.H. Vermeer, H.J.M. ter Brake, P. 223
  • Steady state and start-up performance characteristics of air souree heat pump for cabin heating in an electric passenger vehicle – Ho-Seong Lee, Moo-Yeon Lee, P. 232
  • Saturated pressure measurements of cis-pentafluoroprop-1-ene (R1225ye(Z)) – Laura Fedele, Giovanni Di Nicola, J. Steven Brown, Laura Colla, Sergio Bobbo, p. 243
  • Analysis of thrust bearing in high-side shell type scroll compressor – Sungyong Ahn, Seheon Choi, Byeongchul Lee, Yoon Chul Rhim, p. 251
  • Lubricity evaluation of oil-refrigerant mixtures with R134a and R290 – Kasper Górny, Arkadiusz Stachowiak, Przemyslaw Tyczewski, Wieslaw Zwierzycki, p. 261
  • Experimental investigation of R1234ze(E) flow boiling inside a 2.4mm ID horizontal microfin tube - Andrea Diani, Simone Mancin, Alberto Cavallini, Luisa Rossetto, p. 272
  • Small-scale turbocompressors for wide-range operation with large tip-clearances for a two-stage heat pump concept – Adeel Javed, Cordin Arpagaus, Stefan Bertsch, Jürg Schiffmann, p. 285
  • Comparative experimental study of low GWP alternative for R134a in a walk-in cold room – A.E. Kabeel, A. Khalil, M.M. Bassuoni, M.S. Raslan, p. 303
  • Modelling commercial refrigeration systems coupled with water storage to improve energy efficiency and perform heat recovery – Alessio Polzot. Paola D’Agaro, Paride Gullo, Giovanni Cortella, p. 313
  • CFD modeling of industrial cooling of large beef carcasses – Kumsa D. Kuff1, Thijs Defraeye, Bart M. Nicolai, Stefaan De Smet, Annemie Geeraerd, Pieter Verboven, p. 324
  • Frosting modeling on a cold flat plate: Comparison of the different assumptions and impacts on frost growth predictions – Florent Brèque, Maroun Nemer, p. 340
  • Experimental evaluation of a CO2 transcritical refrigeration plant with dedicated mechanical subcooling – Rodrigo Llopis, Laura Nebot-Andrés, Ramón Cabello, Daniel Sánchez, Jesús Catalán-Gil, p. 361
  • A comparison between different materials in an active electrocaloric regenerative cycle with a 2D numerical model – C. Aprea, A. Greco, A. Maiorino, C. Masselli, p. 369
  • Cellulose-pad water cooling system with cold storage – Tung-Fu Hou, Yu-Yuan Hsieh, Ting-Le Lin, Yi-Hung Chuang, Bin-Juine Huang, p. 383
  • The influences of the operating characteristics of an Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV) on the operational stability of an EEV controlled direct expansion air conditioning system - Yudong Xia, Shiming Deng, p. 394
  • The effect of clearance control on the performance of an oil-free linear refrigeration compressor and a comparison between using a bleed flow and a DC current bias – Kun Liang, Richard Stone, Mike Dadd, Paul Bailey, p. 407
  • Prediction of thermodynamic properties of refrigerant fluids with a new three-parameter cubic equation of state – Christophe Coquelet, Jamal El Abbadi, Céline Houriez, p. 418
  • A strategy to optimize the charge amount of the mixed refrigerant for the Joule-Thomson cooler – Weiqiang Pang, Jinping Liu, Xiongwen Xu, p. 466
  • Dynamic and thermodynamic characteristics of the moving-coil linear compressor for the pulse tube cryocooler. Part A: Theoretical analyses and modeling – Haizheng Dang, Lei Zhang, Jun Tan, p. 480
  • Dynamic and thermodynamic characteristics of the moving-coil linear compressor for the pulse tube cryocooler: Part B - Experimental verifications – Haizheng Dang, Lei Zhang, Jun Tan, p. 497


  • WITHDRAWN: Corrigendum to ,,Heat transfer enhancement in magnetic cooling by means of magnetohydrodynamic convection” (Int. J. Refrig. 62 (2016) 166-176) – Z. Lei, Ch. Haberstroh, S. Odenbach, K. Eckert, p. e1
  • Coming Events/ Manifestations Futures, p. 1

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