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International Journal of Refrigeration

De nieuwste International Journal of Refrigeration van de IIR is aanwezig op het KNVvK secretariaat. Heeft u belangstelling voor een artikel kunt u op het KNVvK secretariaat inzage krijgen. Inhoudsopgave Volume 66 issue juni 2016

  • Exciting future of HVAC – Editorial, p. V.
  • Analysis of a nano-scale thermo-acoustic refrigerator – Alper Dalktran, Emin Açtkkalp, Ahmet Feuzi Savas – Research Articles, p. 1.
  • Alternate heat and mass transfer absorption performances on staggered tube bundle with M-W corrugated mesh guider inserts – Yaping Chen, Ruibing Cao, Jiafeng Wu, Zheyu Yi, Guangju Ji, p. 10.
  • Consolidated experimental heat and mass transfer database for a reduced scale evaporative condenser – Jvoni Carlos Acunha Junior, Paulo Smith-Schneider, p. 21.
  • Piston position sensing and con trol in a linear compressor using a search coil – Kun Liang, Richard Stone, Mike Dadd, Paul Bailey, p. 32.
  • Investigation on influence of dimensions of ice containing ozone micro-bubbles on characteristics of ozone concentration – Koji Matsumoto, Shiying Zhang, Koki Sekine, Hiroyuki Kubota, p. 41.
  • Semi-empirical modeling and analysis of oil flooded R410A scroll compressors with liquid injection for use in vapor compression systems - Nelson A. James, James E. Braun, Eckhard A. Groll, W. Travis Horton, p. 50.
  • Low GWP R134a replacements for small refrigeration (plug-in) applications – Ankit Sethi, Elizabet Vera Becerra, Samuel Yana Motta, p. 64.
  • Solidification characteristics of water based graphene nanofluid PCM in a spherical capsule for cool thermal energy storage applications – A. Sathishkumar, V. Kumaresan, R. Velraj, p. 73.
  • Measurements of correct ice adhesion forces to metal test plates in nano-scale by using SPM - Koji Matsumoto, Masato Honda, Kazuyuki Minamiya, Daisuke Tsubaki, Yuta Furudate, Masashi Murase, p. 84.
  • Laplace transform solution of conjugate heat and mass transfer in falling film absorption process – Mehdi Mortazavi, Saeed Moghaddam, p. 93.
  • Experimental investigation on flow condensation heat transfer and pressure drop of R170 in a horizontal tube – X.R. Zhuang, M.Q. Gong, X. Zou, G.F. Chen, J.F. Wu, p. 105.
  • Experimental analysis of velocity slip at the wall for gas flows of nitrogen, R134a, and R600a through a metallic microtube – Ernane Silva, Marcos Rojas-Cardenas, Cesar J. Deschamps, p. 121.
  • Field test study of a novel defrosting control method for air-source heat pumps by applying tube encircled photoelectric sensors – Yijing Ge, Yuying Sun, Wei Wang, Jiahe Zhu, Lintao Li, Jingdong Liu, p. 133.
  • Modelling and experimental analysis of a GAX NH,-H,O gas-driven absorption heat pump – Marcello Aprile, Rossano Scoccia, Tommaso Toppi, Marco Guerra, Mario Motta, p. 145.
  • Analysis of the spatiotemporal temperature fluctuations inside an apple cool store in response to energy use concerns – Alemayehu Ambaw, Niels Bessemans, Willem Gruyters, Sunny George Gwanpua, Ann Schenk, Ans De Roeck, Mulugeta A. Delele, Pieter Verboven, Bart M. Nicolai, p. 156.
  • Numerical investigation on semi-GAX NH3-H2O absorption cycles – Tommaso Toppi, Marcello Aprile, Marco Guerra, Mario Motta, p. 169.
  • Ice thermal energy storage (ITES) for air-conditioning application in full and partial load operating modes - Sepehr Sanaye, Mohammad Hekmatian, p. 181.

berichtdatum: 30-06-2016

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