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International Journal of Refrigeration

De nieuwste International Journal of Refrigeration van de IIR is aanwezig op het KNVvK secretariaat. Heeft u belangstelling voor een artikel kunt u op het KNVvK secretariaat inzage krijgen. Inhoudsopgave Volume 64 issue april 2016

  • Replacement refrigerants – Editorial, p V.
  • A review of elastocaloric cooling: Materials, cycles and system integrations – Suxin Qian, Yunlong Geng, Yi Wang, Jiazhen Ling, Yunho Hwang, Reinhard Radermacher, Ichiro Takeuchi, Jun Cui, Review, p. 1.
  • Observation and description of the shape of water bridge retaining between vertical plane surfaces – Yifei Yang, Dawei Zhuang, Guoliang Ding, Haitao Hu, Research Articles, p. 20.
  • Saturated flow boiling of HFC134a and its low GWP substitute HFO1234ze(E) inside a 4mm horizontal smooth tube – Giovanni A. Longo, Simone Mancin, Giulia Righetti, Claudio Zilio, p. 32.
  • Enhancing energy efficiency in supermarket refrigeration systems through a robust energy performance indicator – Salvador Acha, Yujia Du, Nilay Shah, p. 40.
  • Effect of refrigerants on the economical optimum insulation thickness for indoor pipelines of split air conditioning systems – Mustafa Ali Ersöz, Abdullah Yildiz, p. 51.
  • Energy and environmental performance assessment of R744 booster supermarket refrigeration systems operating in warm climates – Paride Gullo, Brian Elmegaard, Giouanni Cartella, p. 61.
  • Marine refrigeration plants for passenger ships: Low-GWP refrigerants and strategies to reduce environmental impact – Lorenzo Pigani, Marco Boscola, Nicola Pagan, p. 80.
  • Experimental analysis of the R744 vapour compression rack equipped with the multi-ejector expansion work recovery module – Michal Haida, Krzysztof Banasiak, Jacek Smolka, Armin Hafner, Trygue M. Eikevik, p. 93.
  • High efficiency air conditioning model based analysis for the automotive sector - Davide Di Battista, Roberto Cipollone, p. 108.
  • Thermodynamic transition from subcritical to transcritical CO2cycle – Liang-Liang Shao, Chun-Lu Zhang, p. 123.
  • Heat transfer and flow characteristics during the formation of TBAB hydrate slurry in a coil heat exchanger – Hongxia Zhou, Catalina Vasilescu, Carlos Infante Ferreira, p. 130.
  • Visualization study of the effect of surface contact angle on frost melting process under different frosting conditions – Feng Wang, Caihua Liang, Xiaosong Zhang, p. 143.
  • Thermal and economic analysis of an energy system of an ORC coupled with vehicle air conditioning – Chen Yue, Fengqi You, Ying Huang, p. 152.
  • Vapor pressures and saturated liquid densities of HF01234ze(E) at temperatures from 253.343 to 293.318 K - Maoqiong Gong, Haiyang Zhang, Huiya Li, Quan Zhong, Xueqiang Dong, Jun Shen, Jianfeng Wu, p. 168.
  • Compressed-liquid energy storage with an adsorption-based vapor accumulator for solar-driven vapor compression systems in residential cooling – C. Mira-Hernández, J.A. Weibel, E.A. Groll, S.V. Garimella, p. 176.
  • A correlation for heat transfer during condensation in horizontal mini/micro channels - Mirza M. Shah, p. 187.
  • Dynamic modeling study for a solar evaporator with expansion valve assembly of a transcritical CO2 heat pump – Ralney N. Faria, Raphael O. Nunes, Ricardo Nicolau N. Koury, Luiz Machado, p. 203.

berichtdatum: 29-04-2016

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