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International Journal of Refrigeration

De nieuwste International Journal of Refrigeration van de IIR is aanwezig op het KNVvK secretariaat. Heeft u belangstelling voor een artikel kunt u op het KNVvK secretariaat inzage krijgen. Inhoudsopgave Volume 76 issue april 2017

  • IIR involved in European projects: Emphasis on the ELICiT project – Editorial, p. IV
  • Experimental investigation on buoyancy-induced convection in aluminium metal foams – Michele Barbieri, Giovanni Di Ilio, Fabrizio Patanè, Gino Bella – ELICiT project, p. 385
  • Study on a design method for hybrid ground heat exchangers of ground-coupled heat pump system – Kejuan Wei, Wenxin Li, Jiarong Li, Yong Wang, Lu Zhang, p. 394
  • Experimental investigation of pulse tube refrigerator with displacer – Research Articles – Y. Shi, S. Zhu, p. 1
  • Experimental investigation of multi-effect regenerator for desiccant dehumidifier: Effects of various regeneration temperatures and solution flow rates on system performances – Nirmalya Datta, Anutosh Chakraborty, Syed Muztuza Ali, F.H. Choo, p. 7
  • Thermo-economic and primary-energy-factor assessment based on the field test of an air-to-water heat pump – Primož Poredoš, Tjaša Čož, Andrej Kitanovski, Alojz Poredoš
  • A steady and quasi-steady state analysis on the CO2 hybrid ground-coupled heat pumping system – Zhequan Jin, Trygve M. Eikevik, Petter Nekså, Armin Hafner, p. 19
  • Investigation on gradient thermal cycle for power and refrigeration cogeneration – L. Jiang, R.Z. Wang, L.W. Wang, P. Gao, F.Q. Zhu, p. 29
  • Design and dynamic analysis of a novel double-swing vane compressor for electric vehicle air conditioning systems – Xu Yang, Chen Dong, Zongchang Qu, p. 42
  • Impact of a vertical geothermal heat exchanger on the solar fraction of a solar cooling system – A. Acuñu, F. Lara, P. Rosales, J. Suastegui, N. Velázquez, A. Ruelas, p. 63
  • Experiments on saturated vapor pressure of aqueous lithium bromide solution at high temperatures – Zhong Lan, Xuehu Ma, Zhaolong Hao, Rui Jiang, p. 73
  • Propene/isobutane mixtures in heat pumps: An experimental investigation – Valerius Venzik, Dennis Roskosch, Burak Atakan, p. 84
  • Experimental research on degradation of nanolubricant-refrigerant mixture during continuous alternation processes of condensation and evaporation – Lingnan Lin, Hao Peng, Zheng Chang, Guoliang Ding, p. 97
  • An experimental investigation of the energetic performances of HF01234yf and its binary mixtures with HFC134a in a household refrigerator – C. Aprea, A. Greco, A. Maiorino, p. 109
  • Absorption of isobutane in three linear chained pentaerythritol esters between 293.15 and 348.15K – Yanjun Sun, Xiaopo Wang, Dongbo Wang, Liwen Jin, Zhigang Liu, p. 118
  • Shell side direct expansion evaporation of ammonia on a plain tube bundle with exit superheat effect – Zahid H. Ayub, Ahmad Abbas, Adnan H. Ayub, Tariq S. Khan, Javed A. Chattha, p. 126
  • Modeling evaluation of a direct-expansion solar-assisted heat pump water heater using R410A – X.Q. Kong, Y Li, L. Lin, Y.G. Yang, p. 136
  • Identification of the best temperature measurement position inside a food pallet for the prediction of its temperature distribution – Samuel Mercier, Bernard Marcos, Ismail Uysal, p. 147
  • Analysis of alternatives to high GWP refrigerants for eutectic refrigerating systems – Liutauras Vaitkus, Vytautas Dagilis, p. 160
  • Visualization of flow distribution in rectangular and triangular header geometries – Allison J. Mahvi, Srinivas Garimella, p. 170
  • Retrofit of lower GWP alternative R449A into an existing R404A indirect supermarket refrigeration system – Pavel Makhnatch, Adrián Mota-Babiloni, Jörgen Rogstam, Rahmatollah Khodabandeh, p. 184
  • Modeling spatial and temporal frost formation with distributed properties on a flat plate using the orthogonal collocation method – Teresa Benítez, S.A. Sherif, p. 193
  • Effect of tube diameter on boiling heat transfer and flow characteristic of refrigerant R32 in horizontal small-diameter tubes – Daisuke Jige, Kentaro Sagawa, Norihiro Inoue, p. 206
  • Numerical study on optimization of ejector primary nozzle geometries – Lei Wang, Jia Yan, Chen Wang, Xianbi Li, p. 219
  • Refrigerant charge optimisation for propane heat pump water heaters – Redouane Ghoubali, Paul Byrne, Frédéric Bazantay, p. 230
  • Operational test of bonded magnetocaloric plates – Christian R.H. Bahl, Kristina Navickaitè, Henrique Neves Bez, Tian Lei, Kurt Engelbrecht, Rasmus Bjørk, Ke Li, Zhenxing Li, Jun Shen, Wei Dai, Jichen Jia, Yuanyuan Wu, Yi Long, Fengxia Hu, Baogen Shen, p. 245
  • Active control of ice adhesion force to copper surface by varying surfactant concentrations – Koji Matsumoto, Kazuyuki Minamiya, Hiroyuki Kubota, Koki Sekine, p. 252
  • Vacuum impregnation pre-treatment with maltose syrup to improve the quality of frozen lotus root - Jiangfeng Song, Lili Meng, Dajing Li, Min Qian, Chunquan Liu, p. 261
  • Performance evaluation of a combined variable refrigerant volume and cool thermal energy storage system for air conditioning applications - Bader Al-Aifan, R. Parameshwaran, Kushagra Mehta, R. Karunakaran, p. 271
  • Optimization of an air-filled Beta type Stirling refrigerator - Houda Hachem, Ramla Gheith, Fethi Aloui, Sassi Ben Nasrallah, p. 296
  • Exergy analysis of electrically- and thermally-driven engines to drive heat pumps: An exhaustive comparative study – Moonis R. Ally, Vishaldeep Sharma, Omar Abdelaziz, p. 313
  • Numerical and experimental study of a closed loop for ground heat exchanger coupled with heat pump system and a solar collector for heating a glass greenhouse in north of Tunisia – S. Awani, S. Kooli, R. Chargui, A. Guizani, p. 328
  • Development of an Adaptive Food Preservation System for food quality and energy efficiency enhancement – Andrew H.F. Tsang, Winco K. Yung, p. 342
  • Hybrid Stirling engine-adsorption chiller for truck auxiliary power unit applications – Barry Flannery, Oliver Finckh, Harald Berresheim, Rory F.D. Monaghan, p. 356
  • Generalized effects of refrigerant charge on normalized performance variables of air conditioners and heat pumps – Mehdi Mehrabi, David Yuill, p. 367

berichtdatum: 11-05-2017

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