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International Journal of refrigeration

De nieuwste International Journal of Refrigeration van de IIR is aanwezig op het KNVvK secretariaat. Heeft u belangstelling voor een artikel kunt u op het KNVvK secretariaat inzage krijgen. Inhoudsopgave Volume 59 issue november 2015

  • The Congress in Yokohama: A great success – Editorial, p V.
  • Flow condensation heat transfer correlations in horizontal channels – Helei Zhang, Xiande Fang, Hui Shang, Weiwei Chen – Review, p. 102.
  • Pressure drop during near-critical-pressure condensation of refrigerant blends – Ulf C. Andresen, Srinivas Garimella, Biswajit Mitra, Yirong Jiang, Brian M. Fronk – Research Articles, p. 1.
  • Two-phase refrigerant distribution in an intermediate header of a parallel flow minichannel heat exchanger – Ho-Won Byun, Nae-Hyun Kim, p. 14.
  • Influence of thermal conductivity on the dynamic response of magnetocaloric materials – G. Porcari, K. Morrison, F. Cugini, J.A. Turcaud, F. Guillou, A. Berenov, N.H. van Dijk, E.H. Brück, L.F. Cohen, M. Solzi, p. 29.
  • A general correlation for critical heat flux in horizontal channels – Mirza M. Shah, p. 37.
  • A lattice Boltzmann model for solidification of water droplet on cold flat plate – Jinjuan Sun, Jianying Gong, Guojun Li, p. 53.
  • Experimental investigation of the effects of airflow non uniformity on performance of a fin-and-tube heat exchanger - Paolo Blecich, p. 65.
  • GeoThermag: A geothermal magnetic refrigerator – Ciro Aprea, Adriana Greco, Angelo Maiorino, p. 75.
  • Experimental and computational study on clathrate hydrate of tetrahydrofuran formation on a subcooled cylinder - Amir Erfani, Saeed Taghizadeh, Maryam Karamoddin, Farshad Varaminian, p. 84.
  • Theoretical evaluation of absorption and desorption processes under typical conditions for chillers and heat transformers – M. Mittermaier, F. Ziegler, p. 91.
  • Energy separation mechanism in unconfined laminar compressible vortex - Hiroshi Katanoda, Mohd Hazwan bin Yusof, Hiromitsu Morita, p. 115.
  • Fin-and-tube condenser performance modeling with neural network and response surface methodology – Ze-Yu Li, Liang-Liang Shao, Chun-Lu Zhang, p. 124.
  • Experimental evaluation of a variable effect LiBr-water absorption chiller designed for high-efficient solar cooling system - Z.Y. Xu, R.Z. Wang, H.B. Wang, p. 135.
  • Influence of refrigerant solubility and surface geometry on the wetting properties of lubricating oil – Rodrigo A. Pizarro-Recabarren, Thiago R.Y. Ebel, Cesar J. Deschamps, Jader R. Barbosa Jr., p. 157.
  • A simulation approach for hermetic reciprocating compressors including electrical motor modeling - Thiago Dutra, Cesar J. Deschamps, p. 168.
  • A study on the modeling of the minimal stable superheat for a variable speed refrigeration system – Yujia Shang, Aiguo Wu, Xing Fang, p. 182.
  • Analysis and modeling of a variable speed reciprocating compressor using ANN – Sergio   Ledesma, J.M. Belman-Flores, J.M. Barroso-Maldonado, p. 190.
  • Study on thermal performance of micro-channel separate heat pipe for telecommunication stations: Experiment and simulation - Li Ling, Quan Zhang, Yuebin Yu, Yaning Wu, Shuguang Liao, p. 198.
  • Empirical study of heterogeneous refrigerant condensation in pipe minichannels - Tadeusz Bohdal, Henryk Charun, Malgorzata Sikora, p. 210.
  • Advanced exergy analysis of an absorption cooling machine: Effects of the difference between the condensation and absorption temperatures – Sunyoung Gong, Kiari Goni Boulama, p. 224.
  • Indirect evaporative combined inlet air cooling with gas turbines for green power technology – Yousef S.H. Najjar, Ahmad M. Abubaker, p. 235.
  • Application range of the HEM approach for CO2 expansion inside two-phase ejectors for supermarket refrigeration systems - Michal Palacz, Jacek Smolka, Adam Fic, Zbigniew Bulinski, Andrzej J. Nowak, Krzysztof Banasiak, Armin Hafner, p. 251.
  • An experimentally validated model for microchannel heat exchanger incorporating lubricant effect – Huize Li, Pega Hrnjak , p. 259.
  • Evaluation oftwo-phase suction, liquid injection and two-phase injection for decreasing the discharge temperature of the R32 scroll compressor - Minghong Yang, Baolong Wang, Xianting Li, Wenxing Shi, Leping Zhang, p. 269.
  • New experimental data of CO2 flow boiling in mini tube with micro fins of zero helix angle – Xiaomin Wu, Yu Zhu, Yingjie Tang, p. 281.
  • Comparative evaluation of risk of a split air conditioner and refrigerator using hydrocarbon refrigerants - D. Colbourne, K.O. Suen, p. 295.
  • Horizontal tube bundle falling film distiller for ammonia-water mixtures – E.W. Zaualeta-Aguilar, J.R. Simões-Moreira, p. 304.

berichtdatum: 11-11-2015

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