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International Journal of Refrigeration

De nieuwste International Journal of Refrigeration van de IIR is aanwezig op het KNVvK secretariaat. Heeft u belangstelling voor een artikel kunt u op het KNVvK secretariaat inzage krijgen. Inhoudsopgave Volume 49 issue januari 2015

  • Editorial – Didier Coulomb, p. V
  • Research of leakage characteristics of single screw refrigeration compressors with the Multicolumn Envelope Meshing Pair – Zengli Wang, Zhan Liu, Weifeng Wu, Quanke Feng, p. 1
  • Experimental analysis of a novel cooling system driven by liquid refrigerant pump and vapor compressor – Gang Yan, Yongbin Feng, Leqin Peng, p. 11
  • A household dishwasher heated by a heat pump system using an energy storage unit with water as the heat source – Peder Bengtsson, Jonas Berghel, Roger Renström, p. 19
  • Experimental study of a miniature vapor compression refrigeration system with two heat sink evaporators connected in series or in parallel – Jing He, Yuting Wu, Xia Chen, Yuanwei Lu, Chongfang Ma, Chunxu Du, Gang Liu, Rui Ma, p. 28
  • Effect of concentration on R134a/Al2O3 nanolubricant mixture boiling on a re-entrant cavity surface – M.A. Kedzierski, p. 36
  • Optimization of a fin-tube type adsorption chiller by design of experiment – S.W. Hong, S.H. Ahn, O.K. Kwan, J.D. Chung, p. 49
  • Performance characteristics of a combined air conditioner and refrigerator system interconnected via an intercooler – Dayong Ha, Ji Hwan Jeong, p. 57
  • Cry protective and antioxidative effects of gelatin hydrolysate from unicorn leatherjacket skin – Supatra Karnjanapratum, Soottawat Benjakul, p. 69
  • Performance analysis of a supersonic ejector cycle working with R245fa – Federico Mazzelli, Adriano Milazzo, p. 79
  • Experimental investigation of flow boiling of non-azeotropic and near-azeotropic binary mixtures – Han Deng, Maria Fernandino, Carlos A Dorao, p. 99
  • A new structure and theoretical analysis on leakage and performance of an oil-free R290 rolling piston compressor – JianHua Wu, Ang Chen, p. 110
  • Semi-empirical turbulence model for numerical simulation of swirled compressible flows observed in Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube – A.V. Khait, A.S. Noskov, A.V. Lovtsov, V.N. Alekhin, p. 132
  • Development and performance of steam ejector refrigeration system operated in real application in Thailand – Natthawut Ruangtrakoon, Satha Aphornratana, p. 142
  • Design and thermodynamic analysis of an H2O-LiBr AHP system for naval surface ship application – Cüneyt Ezgi, p. 153
  • Capacity matching in heat-pump membrane liquid desiccant air conditioning systems – Ahmed H. Abdel-Salam, Carey J. Simonson, p. 166
  • Identification and digital control of a household refrigeration system with a variable speed compressor – Carlos A. Piedrahita-Velásquez, Héctor J. Ciro-Velásquez, Mario A. Gómez-Botero, p. 178
  • Liquid density prediction of five different classes of refrigerant systems (HCFCs, HFCs, HFEs, PFAs and PFAAs) using the artificial neural network-group contribution method – Majid Moosavi, Elaheh Sedghamiz, Maryam Abareshi, p. 188
  • A linear resonant compressor model based on a new linearization method of the gas pressure force – Paulo Sergio Dainez, José de Oliveira, Ademir Nied, Mariana Santos Matos Cavalca, p. 201
  • A numerical study on the lubrication system for a hermetic reciprocating compressor used in household refrigerators – Mustafa Ozsipahi, Sertac Cadirci, Hasan Gunes, Kemal Sarioglu, Husnu Kerpicci, p. 210
  • Analysis of heat transfer phenomena during ice slurry production in scraped surface plate heat exchangers – D.S. Martinez, J.P. Solano, F. Illán, A. Viedma, p. 221
  • Theoretical analysis of the thermal performance of a plate heat exchanger at various chevron angles using lithium bromide solution with nanofluid – Ting Chen, Jinhyun Kim, Honghyun Cho, p. 233

Short Reports

  • A note on the Chen correlation of saturated flow boiling heat transfer – Weiwei Chen, Xiande Fang, p. 100

Letter to the Editor

  • Comment on “Thermodynamic analysis of absorption refrigeration cycles using the second law of thermodynamics method” by S. Aphornratana and I.W. Eames (Int. J. Refrigeration 18(4), 244-252, 1995) – Dheerenda Vikram Singh, Govind Maheshwari, p. 71


berichtdatum: 08-01-2015

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