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International Journal of Refrigeration

De nieuwste International Journal of Refrigeration van de IIR is aanwezig op het KNVvK secretariaat. Heeft u belangstelling voor een artikel kunt u op het KNVvK secretariaat inzage krijgen. Inhoudsopgave Volume 47 issue november 2014

  • Editorial - New technologies – p. V
  • Screening of working fluids for the ejector refrigeration system - Jianyong Chen, Hans Havtun, Björn Palm, p 1
  • Performance comparisons for variable-speed ductless and singlespeed ducted residential heat pumps - Howard Cheung, James E. Braun, p 15
  • Experimental and modeling investigation on surface tension and surface properties of (CH4 + H20), (C2H6 + H2O), (CO2 + H2O) and (C3H8 + H2O) from 284.15 K to 312.15 K and pressures up to 60 bar - Shahin Khosharay, Farshad Varaminian, p. 26
  • Dynamic behaviors of the crankshafts in single-cylinder and twin-cylinder rotary compressors - Haifeng Zhang, Jianhua Wu, Fel Xie, Ang Chen, Yanzhong Li, p. 36
  • Refrigerant charge reduction in low-temperature transport refrigerator with the eutectic plate evaporator - L Vaitkus, V. Dagilis, p. 46
  • Application of Vacuum insulation Panels in the cold chain-Analysis of viability - E.C. Hammond, J.A. Evans, p. 58
  • Comprehensive experimental investigation of two-phase heat transfer and pressure drop with propane in a minichannel - Davide Del Col, Matteo Bortolato, Stefano Bortolin, p. 66
  • Thermodynamic modeling of magnetic hysteresis in AMRR cycles - William Brey, Gregory NelIis, Sanford Klein, p. 85
  • Ice fraction measurement of ice slurries through electromagnetic attenuation - A. Hales, G. Quarini, G. Hilton, D. Ash, E. Lucas, D. McBryde, X. Yun, p. 98 
  • R1234ze(E) flow boiling inside a 3.4 mm ID microfin tube - Andrea Diani, Simone Mancin, Luisa Rossetto, p. 105
  • Using simplified models of cold chain equipment to assess the influence of operating conditions and equipment design on cold chain performance - O. Laguerre, S. Duret, H.M. Hoang, D. Flick, p. 120
  • Mass flowrate characteristics of supercritical CO2 flowing through an electronic expansion valve - Yu Hou, Changhai Liu, Juanli Ma, Jing Cao, Shuangtao Chen, p. 134
  • Experimental measurements and correlation of vapor-liquid equilibrium and critical data for the CO2 + R1234yf and CO2 + R1234ze(E) binary mixtures - Niramol Juntarachat, Alain Valtz, Christophe Coquelet, Romain Privat,Jean-Naël Jaubert, p. 141
  • Quick estimation of frost growth on cold fins through thermal network analysis - Seok Kim, Sang Yong Lee, p. 153
  • Theoretical analysis of performance of a two-stage compression CO2 cycle with two different evaporating temperatures - Eunsunq Shin, Chasik Park,. Honghyun Cho, p. 164

berichtdatum: 30-11-2014

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