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International Journal of Refrigeration

De nieuwste International Journal of Refrigeration van de IIR is aanwezig op het KNVvK secretariaat. Heeft u belangstelling voor een artikel kunt u op het KNVvK secretariaat inzage krijgen. Inhoudsopgave Volume 40 issue april 2014

  • Ready for Japan? – Editorial, p V
  • A review study of solid-gas sublimation flow for refrigeration: From basic mechanism to applications - Lin Chen, Xin-Rong Zhang, p. 61
  • Electrocaloric refrigeration: Thermodynamics, state of the art and future perspectives - M. Ozbolt, A. Kitanovski, J. Tusek, A. Poredos, p. 174
  • Energy consumption model of inregrated air conditioner with thermosyphon in mobile phone base station - Linjun Han, Wenxing Shi, Baolong Wang, Penglei Zhang, Xianting Li, p. 1
  • A finite volume coaxial heat exchanger model with moving boundaries and modifications to correlations for two-phase flow in fluted annuli - Long Huang, Vikrant Aute, Reinhard Radermacher, p. 11
  • Effect of inserting coiled wires on pressure drop of R-404A condensation - Mohammad Reza Salimpour, Hesam Cholami, p. 24
  • Experimental and numerical investigation of the effect of shock wave characteristics on the ejector performance - Yinhai Zhu, Peixue Jiang, p. 31
  • Enhancement of vapor-liquid separation in vertical impact T-junctions for vapor compression systems with flash gas bypass - Hanfei Tuo, Pega Hrnjak, p. 43
  • Pressure effect on the release of supercooled water with dissolved air - Donggyu Lee, Chunwan Park, Sujin Jeong, Chaedong Kang, p. 51
  • Dynamic response of a capacity-modulated linear compressor to supply voltage disturbances - Jong Kwon Kim, Ji Hwan Jeong, p. 84
  • Thermodynamic analysis of regenerated air-cycle refrigeration in high and low pressure configuration - N. Ciannetti, A. Milazzo, p. 97
  • First and second law analysis of ammonia/salt absorption refrigeration systems - L Garousi Furshi, C.A. Infante Ferreira, S.M.S. Mahmoudi, M.A. Rosen, p. 111
  • The influence of long-term storage, temperature and type of packaging materials on the lipid oxidation and flesh color of frozen Atlantic herring fillets (Clupea harengus) L. Tolstorebrov, T.M. Eikevik, E. Indergard, p. 122
  • Investigation of internal heat transfer in ejection refrigeration systems - Dariusz Butrymowicz, Kamil Smierciew, Jaroslaw Karwacki, p. 131
  • Investigation of refrigeration efficiency for fully wet circular porous fins with variable sections by combined heat and mass transfer analysis - M. Hatami, D.D. Ganji, p. 140
  • Indoor unit fault detector for a multi-split VRF system in heating mode - Yaunggy Shin, Sarng Woo Karng, Seo Young Kim, p. 152
  • Low GWP refrigerants Rl234ze(E) and R1234ze(Z) for high temperature heat pumps - Sho Fukuda, Chieko Kondou, Nobuo Takata, Shigeru Koyama, p. 161
  • Vapor-liquid separation in a vertical impact T-junction for vapour compression systems with flash gas bypass - Hanfei Tuo, Pega Hrnjak, p. 189
  • Effect of oil on R134a distribution in the microchannel heat exchanger with vertical header - Yang Zou, Pega S. Hrnjak, p. 201
  • Numerical study of heat and mass transfer in lithium bromide water falling films and droplets - Vlshwanath Subramaniam, Srinivas Garimella, p. 211
  • Flow regime transitions during condensation in microchannels - Gaurav Nema, Srinivas Garimella, Brian M. Fronk, p. 227
  • Prediction of the surface tension for refrigerants and refrigerant-oil solutions (ROS) - Vitaly Zhelezny, Vitaliy Sechenyh, Dmyrro luchenko, Yury Semenyuk, p. 241
  • Reducing domestic food waste by lowering home refrigerator temperatures - T Brown, N.A. Hipps, S. Easteal, A. Parry, J.A. Evans, p. 246
  • The effect of the refrigerant charge amount en single and cascade cycle heat pump systems - Dong Ho Kim, Han Saem Park, Min Soo Kim, p. 254
  • A model for air-to-refrigerant microchannel condensers with variable tube and fin geometries - Long Huang, Vikrant Aute, Reinhard Radermacher, p. 269
  • Novel method for prediction of normal boiling point and enthalpy of vaporization at normal boiling point of pure refrigerants: A QSPR approach - Danial Abooali, Mohammad Amin Sobati, p. 282
  • Ice nucleation in water droplets on glass surfaces. From micro-to macro-scale - Takaai Inada, Hiroyuki Tomita, Toshie Kayama, p. 294
  • R1234yf as a substitute of Rl34a in automotive air conditioning. Solubility measurements in two commercial PAG oils - 5ergio Bobbo, Claudio Zilio, Mauro Scattolini, Laura Fedele, p. 302
  • Experimental evaluation of an ejector as liquid re-circulator in a falling-film water chiller - YingLin Li, Laizai Tan, Xiaosong Zhang, Kai Du, p. 309
  • Experimental results on boiling heat transfer coefficient, frictional pressure drop and flow patterns for R134a at a saturation temperature of 34 ºC. - E. Manavela Chiapero, M. Fernandino, C.A. Dorao, p. 317
  • A CFD-based investigation of the energy performance of two-phase R744 ejectors to recover the expansion work in refrigeration systems: An irreversibility analysis - Krzysztof Banasiak, Michal Palacz, Armin Hafner, Zbigniew Bulinski, Jacek Smolka, Andrzej J. Nowak, Adam Fic, p. 328
  • Numerical and experimental investigation on nozzle parameters for R410A ejector air conditioning system - Jichao Hu, Junye Shi, Yuanyuan Liang, Zijiang Yang, Jiangping Chen, p. 338
  • A proposed combination model for predicting surface tension and surface properties of binary refrigerant mixtures - Shahin Khosharay, Masoumeh Seyfi Mazraeno, Farshad Varaminian, Ahmad Bagheri, p. 347
  • Reducing domestic food waste by freezing at home - T Brown, N.A. Hipps, S. Easteal, A. Parry, J.A. Evans, p. 362
  • Modulation characteristics of a linear compressor for evaporating and condensing temperature variations for household refrigerators - Jong Kwon Kim, Jong-Bong Kim, p. 370
  • Indoor leakage test for safety of R-290 split type room air conditioner – Tingxun Li, p. 380
  • Use of citric and lactic acids in ice to enhance quality of two fish species during on-board chilled storage - Bibiana Garcia-Soto, Inmaculada Concepción Fernández-No, Jorge Barros-Velázquez, Santiago P. Aubourg, p. 390
  • Application of fullerene C60 nano-oil for performance enhancement of domestic refrigerator compressors - Meibo Xing, Ruixiang Wang, Jianlin Yu, p. 398
  • Optimal performance of an absorption refrigerator based on maximum ECOP - Paiguy Armand Ngouateu Wouagfack, Réné Tchinda, p. 404
  • Improvement of thermosyphon performance by employing nanofluid - Matthias H. Buschmann, Uwe Franzke, p. 416
  • Influence of blanching, freezing and frozen storage on physicochemical properties of broad beans (Vicia Jaba L) - Guillermo Petzold, Marisa Caro, Jorge Moreno, p. 429
  • Preliminary study of a novel R718 refrigeration cycle with single stage centrifugal compressor and two-phase ejector - Milan N. Sarevski, Vasko N. Sarevski, p. 435
  • A novel linear electromagnetic-drive oil-free refrigeration compressor using R134a - Kun Liang, Richard Stone, Mike Dadd, Paul Bailey, p. 450

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