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International Journal of Refrigeration

De nieuwste International Journal of Refrigeration van de IIR is aanwezig op het KNVvK secretariaat. Heeft u belangstelling voor een artikel kunt u op het KNVvK secretariaat inzage krijgen. Inhoudsopgave Volume 37 issue 1, Januar 2014

  1. Editorial, p. 1
  2. A tribute to Peter W. Egolf, Hein Auracher, Didier Coulomb, p. 6
  3. From conventional to magnetic refrigerator technology, Osmann Sari, Mohamed Balli, p. 8
  4. Electrocaloric vs. magnetocaloric energy conversion, M. Obolt, A. Kitanovski, J. Tušsek, A. Poredoš, p. 16
  5. New thermodynamic cycles for magnetic refrigeration, A. Kitanovski, U. Plaznik, J. Tušek, A. Poredoš. P. 28
  6. Thermal investigations of an experimental active magnetic regenerative refrigerator operating near room temperature, Y. Chiba, A. Smaïli, C. Mahmed, M. Balli, O. Sari, p. 36
  7. 1D model of an active magnetic regenerator, P. Nikkola, C. Mahmed, M. Balli, O. Sari, p. 43
  8. Performance modeling of AMR refrigerators, Thomas Burdyny, Alex Ruebsaat-Trott, Andrew Rowe, p. 51
  9. Multiobjective optimization of AMR systems, H.R.E.H. Bouchekara, A. Kedous-Lebouc, J.P. Yonnet, C. Chillet, p. 63
  10. A test stand to study the possibility of using magnerocalorie materials for refrigerators, A. Czernuszewicz, J. Kaleta, M. Królewicz, D. Lewandowski, R. Mech, P. Wiewiórski,  p. 72
  11. Development and experimental results from a 1 kW prototype AMR, C.R.H. Bahl, K. Engelbrecht, D. Eriksen, J.A. Lozano, R. Bjørk, J. Geyti, K.K. Nielsen, A. Smith, N. Pryds, p. 78
  12. The performance of a large-scale rotary magnetic refrigerator, S. Jacobs, J. Auringer, A. Boeder, J. Chell, L. Komorowski, J. Leonard, S Russek, C. Zimm, p. 84
  13. Experimental and numerical results of a high frequency rotating active magnetic refrigerator, J.A. Lozano, K. Engelbrecht, C.R.H. Bahl, K.K. Nielsen, J.R. Barbosa Jr., A.T. Prata, N. Pryds, p. 92
  14. Design improvements of a permanent magnet active magnetic refrigerator, D.S. Arnold, A. Tura, A. Ruebsaat-Trott, A. Rowe, p. 99
  15. Concentric Halbach cylinder magnetic refrigerator cost optimization, A. Tura, A. Rowe, p. 106
  16. Experimental comparison of multi-layered La-Fe-Co-Si and single-layered Gd active magnetic regenerators for use in a roomtemperature magnetic refrigerator, Jaka Tušek, Andrej Kitanouski, Urban Tomc, Chiara Favero, Alojz Poredoš, p. 117
  17. The influence of non-magnetocaloric properties on the performance in parallel-plate AMRs, K.K. Nielsen, C.R.H. Bahl, A. Smith, K. Engelbrecht, U.L. Olsen, N. Pryds, p. 127
  18. Fluid choice and test standardization for magnetic regenerators operating at near room temperature, Jianghong Wu, Chaopeng Liu, Puxiu Hou, Yihe Huang, Guang Ouyang, Yungui Chen, p. 135
  19. An experimental comparison of four magnetocaloric regenerators using three different materials, U. Legait, F. Guillou, A. Kedous-Leboue, V. Hardy, M. Almanza, p. 147
  20. Sizing of a reversible magnetic heat pump for the automotive industry, B. Torregrosa-Jaime, J.M. Corberán, C. Vasile, C. Muller, M. Risser, J. Payá, p. 156
  21. Magnetic heat pumps - Configurable hydraulic distribution for a magnetic cooling system, J.M. Gatti, C. Muller, C. Vasile, G. Brumpter, P. Haegel, T. Lorkin,  p. 165
  22. High-frequency magnetocaloric modules with heat gates operating with the Peltier effect, P.W. Egolf, L. Gravier, T. Francfort, A.-G. Pawlowski, G. Courret, M. Croci, p. 176
  23. A numerical comparison of a parallel-plate AMR and a magnetocaloric device with embodied micro thermoelectric thermal diodes, Urban Tome, Jaka Tušek, Andrej Kitanouski, Alojz Peredoš, p. 185
  24. Modeling of in-vehicle magnetic refrigeration, U.L. Olsen, C.R.H. Bahl, K. Engelbrecht, K.K. Nielsen, Y. Tasaki, H. Takahashi, p. 194
  25. Experimental study of a static system based on a magnetothermal coupling in ferrofluids, M. Petit, Y. Avenas, A. Kedous-Lebouc, W. Cherief, E. Rullière, p. 201
  26. A heat transfer study aiming optimization of magnetic heat exchangers of thermomagnetic motors, L.D.R. Ferreira, C.V.X. Bessa, I. da Silua, S. Gama, p. 209
  27. Simulation of solar Curie wheel using NiFe alloy and Gd, C.S. Alves, F.C. Colman, G.L. Foleiss, W. Szpak, T.F. Vieira, A.C. Bento, p. 215
  28. Recent progress in magnetocaloric effect: Mechanisms and potential applications, A.M. Tishin, Y.l. Spichkin, p. 223
  29. Experimental methods of the magnetocaloric effect studies, Y.l. Spichkin, R.R. Gimaev, p. 230
  30. Magnetocaloric and barocaloric effects. Theoretical description and trends, N.A. de Oliveira, P.J. von Ranke, A. Troper, p. 237
  31. On the thermodynamic foundations of solid-state cooler based on multiferroic materials, I.A. Starkov, A.S. Starkov, p. 249
  32. Entropy change at magnetic phase transitions of the first order and second order, Vittorio Basso, Carlo P. Sasso, Michaela Küpferling, p. 257
  33. Entropy change and kinetic effects at the magnetostructural phase transition of MnBi, Vittorio Basso, Elena Sonic Olivetti, Luca Martino, Michaela Küpferling, p. 266
  34. Tuning magnetic exchange interactions to enhance magnetocaloric effect in Ni50Mn34In16 Heusler alloy: Monte Carlo and ab initio studies, V.V. Sokolovskiy, V.D. Buchelnikov, V.V. Khovaylo, S.V. Taskaev, P. Entel, p. 273
  35. Inapplicability of the Maxwell relation for the quantification of calorie effects in anisotropic ferroic materials, R. Niemann, O. Heczko, L. Schultz, S. Fähler, p. 281
  36. Modeling and characterization of the magnetocaloric effect in Ni2MnGa materials, D.M. Nicholson, Kh. Odbadrakh, B.A. Shassere, O. Rios, J. Hodges, G.M. Ludtka, W.D. Porter, A.S. Sefat, A. Rusanu, G. Brown, B.M. Evans III, p. 289
  37. Magnetocaloric effect in Gd(1-y)DyyAl2, B.P. Alho, P.O. Ribeiro, T.S.T. Alvarenga, A. Magnus G. Carvalho, P.J. Von Ranke, p. 297
  38. Experimental investigation of the effect of thermal hysteresis in first order material MnFe(P,As) applied in an AMR device, L. von Moos, K.K. Nielsen, K. Engelbrecht, C.R.H. Bahl, p. 303
  39. Corrosion behavior of gadolinium and La-Fe-Co-Si compounds in various heat conducting f1uids, J. Forchelet, L. Zamni, S. EI Maudni El Alami, J. Hu, M. Balli, O. Sari, p. 307
  40. Description of a differential setup for relaxation microcalorimetry, J.V. Leitão, P. van Dommelen, F. Naastepad, E. Brück, p. 314

berichtdatum: 23-01-2014

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