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4th IIR Conference on Thermophysical properties

First Call for Papers !

4th IIR Conference on Thermophysical properties and Transfer Processes of Refrigerants

June 17-19, 2013 Conference of IIR Commission B1
Organized by the Delft University of Technology in cooperation with the Roal Dutch Association of Refrigeration.

Conference Proceedings:

The Conference Proceedings containing the full papers presented will be published in CD-Rom form as part of the IIR "Refrigeration Science and Technology" proceedings series distributed worldwide bij the IIR. The CD will include papers accepted for presentation, provided at least one author has been pre-registered by the deadline for receipt of the final manuscripts. Authors will have the option to submit their papers, or updated versions, to international Journal of Refrigeration; these papers will undergo a regular Journal review.


The conference will be conducted in English. All papers must be written and presented in English.

Conference Venue:

The conference will be held at the Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. Delft is one of the world's most beautiful university towns. Close to Amsterdam, Delft's perfectly preserved historical quarter offers visitors spectacu­lar stately mansions, pubs, grand cafes and galleries alongside interconnecting canals. Surrounding the city are flower and bulb fields and the North Sea with long beaches and relaxing locals. Delft has an extensive program of summer festivals, memorabie art and cultural activities, first c1ass restaurants and excellent shopping. Delft's temperate climate makes it an ideal destination whatever the season - the mean summer daily temperature is 25 °C.

Scientific and technical programme:

  • Absorption / adsorption processes
  • Boiling in tubular, minichannel and plate geometries
  • Condensation in tubular, minichannel and plate geometries
  • Desorption processes
  • Enhanced heat and/or mass transfer
  • Lubricants / refrigerant issues
  • Measurements and modeling of thermodynamic and transport properties
  • Nanofluids
  • New fluids for sorption systems
  • Natural and low GWP refrigerants for vapor compression cycles
  • Refrigerant charge reduction technologies
  • Secondary refrigerants including phase change slurries
  • Transfer processes in heat storage systems
  • (Two-phase) flow / distribution issues

Important Dates:

October 1, 2012                       Abstract submission deadline (max. 250 words)
October 31, 2012                     Notification to authors of abstract acceptance
Februari 1, 2013                      Manuscripts submitted for review
March 15, 2013                        Manuscripts reviewed, comments sent to the  
April 30, 2013                          Final manuscripts submitted Dead-line for pre-
                                                 registration of at least one author
June 16, 2013                          Registration opens
June 17, 2013                          Conference opening
June 19, 2013                          Conference closing

Accomodation in Delft:

Several hotels are locate within walking distance of the conference venue. Ho­tel information will be posted on the website as the conference drawns near.

Travel to Delft:

Delft is served by the Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol), which is 45 km from Delft. Delft has a direct train connection to Schiphol.

About the conference:

The Internationallnstitute of Refrigeration has established a series of Com­mission BI (hermodynamics and Tranfer Processes), held every 4 years, to discuss refrigerant thermophysical propertjes and transfer processes. This conference follows the 2001 Conference in Paderborn, Germany, the 2005 Conference in Vicenza, Italy and the 2009 Conference in Boulder, USA.

Our planet is facing two great issues nowadays. The first one is energy consumption. If we continue using energy at the level we do now, commercial energy sources will get depleted after a few decades. In-depth understanding of heat and mass transfer phenomena are essential for the design of refrige­ration systems with higher efficiencies. The performance of these systems is directly related with CO2 emissions from power plants. These emissions are one the major sources of greenhouse gases.

The second issue is global warming. Most refrigerants are greenhouse gases and their emission contributes significantly to the global warming. In res­ponse, the search for new refrigerants has regained significant interest and sustainable technological solutions have been under study.


Organized by the Delft University of Technology in cooperation with the Royal Dutch Association of Refrigeration (KNVvK) and the Dutch Refrigeration, Air Handling and Airconditioning Sector Association (NVKL).]

Conference secretariat:

The most up-to-date information is available on-line at: www.tptpr2013.nl
Email: info@tptpr2013.nl