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International Journal of Refrigeration

De nieuwste International Journal of Refrigeration van de IIR is aanwezig op het KNVvK secretariaat. Heeft u belangstelling voor een artikel kunt u op het KNVvK secretariaat inzage krijgen. Inhoudsopgave Volume 82 issue oktober 2017

  • Events to mark in your calendars! – Editorial, p. vi
  • Recent investigations in HFCs substitution with lower GWP synthetic alternatives: Focus on energetic performance and environmental impact – Adrián Mota-Babiloni, Pavel Makhnatch, Rahmatollah Khodabandeh – Review, p. 288
  • Numerical research on R32/R1234ze(E) air source heat pump under variable mass concentration – Zuo Cheng, Baolong Wang, Wenxing Shi, Xianting Li - Research Articles, p. 1
  • Shell side direct expansion evaporation of ammonia on a plain tube bundle with inlet quality effect in the presence of exit superheat – Ahmad Abbas, Zahid H. Ayub, Adnan H. Ayub, Javed A. Chattha, p. 11
  • A general simulation model for variable refrigerant flow multi-split air conditioning system based on graph theory – Haoran Sun, Guoliang Ding, Haitao Hu, Tao Ren, Guanghui Xia, Guoming Wu, p. 22
  • Feasibility study and performance evaluation of low capacity water-LiBr absorption cooling systems functioning in different Algerian climate zones – Omar Ketfi, Mustapha Merzouk, Nachida Kasbadji Merzouk, Mahmoud Bourouis, p. 36
  • Low temperature thermal radiative properties of gold coated metals – Jirí Frolec, Tomás Králík, Ales Srnka, p. 51
  • Performance comparison of absorption heating cycles using various low-GWP and natural refrigerants – Wei Wu, Haiyang Zhang, Tian You, Xianting Li, p. 56
  • Comparative performance analysis of HFO1234ze/HFC134a binary mixtures working as a drop-in of HFC134a in a domestic refrigerator – Cira Aprea, Adriana Greco, Angelo Maiorino, p. 71
  • Optimal operational efficiency of chillers using oil-free centrifugal compressors – Marco Lissandrin, Mirco Rampazzo, Luca Cecchinato, Alessandro Beghi, p. 83
  • Fabrication of hard-shell microcapsules containing inorganic materials – Masato Tamaru, Hirashi Suzuki, Ruri Hidema, Yoshiyuki Komoda, Kosuke Suzuki, p. 97
  • Comparison and development of new correlation for adiabatic two-phase pressure drop of refrigerant flowing inside a multiport minichannel with and without fins – M. Mostaqur Rahman, Keishi Kariya, Akio Miyara, p. 119
  • Experimental phase diagram of the dodecane-tridecane system as phase change material in cold storage – Saman Nimali Gunasekara, Sofia Kumova, Justin NingWei Chiu, Viktoria Martin, p. 130
  • Accurate predictions for optimum design of a T-shaped fin under an actual wet load condition – Saheera Azmi Hazarika, Dipankar Bhanja, Sujit Nath, Balaram Kundu, p. 141
  • Detailed experimental investigations on frictional pressure drop of R134a during flow boiling in 5 mm diameter channel: The influence of acceleration pressure drop component – Tomasz Muszynski, Rafal Andrzejczyk, Carlos Alberto Dorao, p. 163
  • lnvestigation of an ammonia-water combined power and cooling system driven by the jacket water and exhaust gas heat of an internal combustion engine – Yi Chen, Wei Han, Hongguang Jin, p. 174
  • Experimental investigation on the influence of high temperature on viscosity, thermal conductivity and absorbance of ammonia-water nanofluids – Weixue Jiang, Kai Du, Yanjun Li, Liu Yang, p. 189
  • Study on the effect of refrigerant distributing nonuniformity on the performance of falling-film evaporator with liquid recirculation system – YingLin Li, Ke Wang, Wei Wu, XueYing Xia, BaoLian Niu, ZhongBin Zhang, p. 199
  • Mathematical model and performance analysis of a novel outside evaporative cooling liquid desiccant dehumidifier – Donggen Peng, Xiaosong Cheng, Shuangling Li, Xiaosong Zhang, Danting Luo, p. 212
  • Cooling effect characteristics of a ½ cycle refrigeration system on an LPG fuel system – Muji Setiyo, Sudjito Soeparman, Nurkholis Hamidi, Slamet Wahyudi, p. 227
  • An application of the artificial neural network to optimise the energy performances of a magnetic refrigerator – Ciro Aprea, Adriana Greco, Angelo Maiorino, p. 238
  • Performance of the one-stage Joule-Thomson cryocooler fed with a nitrogen-hydrocarbon mixture and built from mass-produced components made for the refrigeration industry – Pawel Dorosz, Maciej Chorowski, Agnieszka Piotrowska, p. 252
  • Working fluids comparison and thermodynamic analysis of a transcritical power and ejector refrigeration cycle (TPERC) – Junjiang Bao, Yan Lin, Gaohong He, p. 262
  • Radial piston expander as a throttling valve in a heat pump: Focus on the 2-phase expansion – Giovanni Galoppi, Riccardo Secchi, Lorenzo Ferrari, Giovanni Ferrara, Sotirios Karellas, Daniele Fiaschi, p. 273
  • Thermodynamic properties of HFO-1336mzz(E) (trans-1,1,1,4,4,4-hexafluoro-2-butene) at saturation conditions – Katsuyuki Tanaka, Junichi Ishikawa, Konstantinos Kostas Kontomaris, p. 283
  • Influence of the piston displacement profile on the performance of a refrigerating cycle equipped with an axial piston compressor – Giovanni Galoppi, Isacco Stiaccini, Giovanni Ferrara, Lorenzo Ferrari, p. 302
  • Optimal design and analysis of mechanical draft cooling tower using improved Jaya algorithm – R.V. Rao, X.C. More, p. 312
  • A heat transfer correlation for the suction and compression chambers of scroll compressors – Evandro L.L. Pereira, Cesar J. Deschamps, p. 325
  • Diagrams of entropy for ammonia-water mixtures: Applications to absorption refrigeration systems – Diovana Aparecida dos Santos Napoleao, Jose Luz Silveira, Giorgio Eugenio Oscare Giacaglia, Wendell de Queiroz Lamas, Fernando Henrique Mayworm Araujo, p. 335
  • R1234yf and R1234ze(E) as low-GWP refrigerants for residential heat pump water heaters – Kashif Nawaz, Bo Shen, Ahmed Elatar, Van Baxter, Omar Abdelaziz, p. 348
  • Dynamic characteristics of an environment-friendly refrigerant: Ammonia-water based TiO2 nanofluids – Liu Yang, Weixue Jiang, Xielei Chen, Kai Du, p. 366
  • Preliminary theoretical analyses of thermal performance and available energy consumption of two-stage cascade cycle heat pump water heater – Gang Wang, Zeshao Chen, Chuan Li, Bin Jiang, p. 381
  • Experimental investigation on the performance of a transcritical CO2 heat pump with multi-ejector expansion system – G. Boccardi, F. Botticella, G. Lillo, R. Mastrullo, A.W. Mauro, R. Trinchieri, p. 389
  • Optimization of operating temperatures in the gas operated single to triple effect vapour absorption refrigeration cycles - Md Azhar, M. Altamush Siddiqui, p. 401
  • Thermal comfort in the supermarket environment - multiple enquiry methods and simultaneous measurements of the thermal environment – Ulla Lindberg, Per Fahlén, Monica Axell, Niklas Fransson, p. 426
  • Performance analysis of vapor compression refrigeration system using an adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system - Jatinder Gill, Jagdev Singh, p. 436
  • Rheology of ethylene- and propylene-glycol ice slurries: Experiments and ANN model – Senda Trabelsi, Mohamed Hafid, Sébastien Poncet, Michel Poirier, Marcel Lacroix, p. 447
  • Full-scale experiment to evaluate the combustion hazard of refrigerants with low global-warming potential in a conceivable accident scenario – Tomohiko Imamura, Yasutaka Yoshida, Yoshinari Ota, Koji Naito, Osami Sugawa, p. 461
  • Energy efficiency evaluation of integrated CO2 trans-critical system in supermarkets: A field measurements and modelling analysis – Mazyar Karampour, Samer Sawalha, p. 470
  • A simplified experimentally tested theoretical model to reduce water consumption of a direct evaporative cooler for dry climates – A.E. Kabeel, M.M. Bassuoni, p. 487
  • Exergy analysis of a liquid desiccant evaporative cooling system – Donggen Peng, Junming Zhou, Danting Luo, p. 495
  • Linear compressor discharge valve behavior using a rigid body valve model and a FSI valve model – Il Sun Hwang, Sang Jun Park, Wonsik Oh, Young Lim Lee, p. 509
  • Development of a switchless sorption compressor for the cryogenic refrigeration within the METIS instrument: Part l. Theoretical design – Y. Wu, C.H. Vermeer, H.J. Holland, B. Benthem, H.J.M. ter Brake, p. 520
  • Development of a switchless sorption compressor for the cryogenic refrigeration within the METIS instrument: Part II. Experimental demonstration – Y. Wu, C.H. Vermeer, H.J. Holland, B. Benthem, H.J.M. ter Brake, p. 529
  • Comments on ,,Temperature-heat diagram analysis method for heat recovery physical adsorption refrigeration cycle - Taking multi-stage cycle as an example” – M.M. Awad - Letters to the Editor, p. 541
  • Reply and closure to comments on ,,Temperature-heat diagram analysis method for heat recovery physical adsorption refrigeration cycle - Taking multi-stage cycle as an example” by – M.M. Awad, S.Z. Xu, R.Z. Wang, L.W. Wang, p. 543
  • Corrigendum to ,,Diesel combustion of oil and refrigerant mixture during pump-down of air conditioners” (Int. J. Refrigeration 65 (2017) 300-310) – Tomohiro Higashi, Shizuo Saitoh, Chaobin Dang, Eiji Hihara – Corrigenda, p. 548


berichtdatum: 12-10-2017

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